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<center>Equipment and Supplies for the Bead Jewelry Business</center>

Equipment and Supplies for the Bead Jewelry Business

For my jewelry business I need much more equipment and supplies besides beads! A good camera and quality lighting for photography and closeup work. Bead storage, tools, and thread. These are products I use, and on this page I have provided convenient links to them on for anyone interested. Clicking on these links to purchase these or ANY products on Amazon will help support my website and keep my small business online. You can also hover over the links to see the items. Do you have suggestions for other beading products I can recommend here? Write to me, Sandra, at
<center>Camera and Product Photography Supplies</center>

Camera and Product Photography Supplies

<center>Lighting and Visual Aids</center>

Lighting and Visual Aids

<center>Beading Tools and Aids</center>

Beading Tools and Aids

<center>Beading Wire and Thread</center>

Beading Wire and Thread

FireLine Beading Thread

I use Fireline for all my bead weaving projects (but not kumihimo). It comes in crystal white and smoke grey, and in various weights. I tend to use 6lb for earrings and necklaces, and 8lb for bracelets. Here are links for a variety of choices, in 50-yard or 125-yard spools, all with free shipping.
S-Lon, size #18 in a single pack of black or white.

For Kumihimo braiding, S-Lon (Super-Lon) in size #18 is the "regular" size and works perfectly when using size 8 or 6 seed beads. Multi-packs are cheaper than individual spools, and Amazon has very competitive prices. Every spool has 77 yards of thread, no matter the size of the pack. I have put together this selection of 1-spool, 4-spool and 12-spool packs, all with free shipping.
S-Lon, size #18 in economical 12 packs
of three different color themes

Left to right: Winter Mix, Fall Mix, Forest Mix.

S-Lon, size #18 in 4-pack of Soft Neutrals

Left to right:
Black White Gray Mix
Apparition Mix
Serenity Mix

S-Lon, size #18 in 4-pack of Mid-Tones

Left to right:
Light Mix
Dark Mix
Wheat Mix
S-Lon, size #18 in 4-pack of Bright Colors

Left to right:
Brights Mix
Primary Mix
Evergreen Mix

<center>Bead Storage and Other Helpful Products</center>

Bead Storage and Other Helpful Products

<center>Favorite Jewelry Making Books</center>

Favorite Jewelry Making Books