Crystal Earrings
Sparkling Crystal Earrings

Sparkling Crystal Earrings

Crystals next to the face really bring out the light in your eyes, and add sparkle to your countenance. Crystal earrings complement the most elegant fashions, or brighten casual outfits. This selection includes single drop and chandelier earrings that contain Swarovski crystal beads. Feel free to request a custom design if you don't see exactly what you're looking for here. Write to Sandra at
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Brass Daisy Chandelier Earrings with Purple and Blue CrystalsBrass Daisy Chandelier Earrings with Purple and Blue Crystals
Lotus Blossom and Turquoise Crystal EarringsLotus Blossom and Turquoise Crystal Earrings
Crystal Ball Earrings:  Champagne with JetCrystal Ball Earrings: Champagne with Jet
Crystal Ball  Earrings: Peridot with JetCrystal Ball Earrings: Peridot with Jet
Pink Blossom and Peridot Crystal Cascading Chandelier EarringsPink Blossom and Peridot Crystal Cascading Chandelier Earrings
Cosmic Ruby and Lime Unique Crystal EarringsCosmic Ruby and Lime Unique Crystal Earrings
Fuchsia and Olive Crystal Chandelier EarringsFuchsia and Olive Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Garnet Baskets Crystal EarringsGarnet Baskets Crystal Earrings
White Opal Crystal Pearl Cascading EarringsWhite Opal Crystal Pearl Cascading Earrings
Clear Crystal and Pearl Cascading EarringsClear Crystal and Pearl Cascading Earrings
Crystal Butterfly Drops EarringsCrystal Butterfly Drops Earrings
Caribbean Opal Crystal EarringsCaribbean Opal Crystal Earrings
Sunshine Orange Crystal Earrings & PendantSunshine Orange Crystal Earrings & Pendant
Desert Sky Crystal Chandelier EarringsDesert Sky Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Draping White Crystal & Pearl Chandelier EarringsDraping White Crystal & Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Sage Picasso Crystal Rondelle Stack EarringsSage Picasso Crystal Rondelle Stack Earrings
Faceted Aqua Stack EarringsFaceted Aqua Stack Earrings
Orange Crystal Hoop EarringsOrange Crystal Hoop Earrings
Siam Red Daisy Crystal EarringsSiam Red Daisy Crystal Earrings
Seafoam Gossamer Crystal EarringsSeafoam Gossamer Crystal Earrings
July Birthstone Earrings<br>RubyJuly Birthstone Earrings
December Birthstone Earrings<br>Blue ZirconDecember Birthstone Earrings
Blue Zircon
November Birthstone Earrings<br>Yellow TopazNovember Birthstone Earrings
Yellow Topaz
October Birthstone Earrings<br>Rose Pink ZirconOctober Birthstone Earrings
Rose Pink Zircon
Silver Rose and Red Crystal EarringsSilver Rose and Red Crystal Earrings
Silver Rose and Jet Crystal EarringsSilver Rose and Jet Crystal Earrings
Pink Crystal Margarita EarringsPink Crystal Margarita Earrings
Cool Margaritas EarringsCool Margaritas Earrings
Cascading Olivine Crystal Chandelier EarringsCascading Olivine Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Purple and Green Crystal Basket EarringsPurple and Green Crystal Basket Earrings
Indicolite Lime Crystal Drop EarringsIndicolite Lime Crystal Drop Earrings
Framed Golden Flowers EarringsFramed Golden Flowers Earrings
Silver and Clear Crystal Medallion EarringsSilver and Clear Crystal Medallion Earrings
Metallic Blue Medallion EarringsMetallic Blue Medallion Earrings
Lavender Opal and Rhinestone Brass EarringsLavender Opal and Rhinestone Brass Earrings
Lacy Black, Red and Silver Heart EarringsLacy Black, Red and Silver Heart Earrings
Golden Pyrite and Crystal Marquis EarringsGolden Pyrite and Crystal Marquis Earrings
Emerald Crystal Vintage-Style Antiqued Brass EarringsEmerald Crystal Vintage-Style Antiqued Brass Earrings
Cherry Red, Pearly White, and Gold Crystal Medallion EarringsCherry Red, Pearly White, and Gold Crystal Medallion Earrings
Frosty Blue and Champagne Gold Medallion EarringsFrosty Blue and Champagne Gold Medallion Earrings
Teal Crystal Wafers EarringsTeal Crystal Wafers Earrings
Hot Pink Bougainvillea Vine EarringsHot Pink Bougainvillea Vine Earrings
Metallic Crystal Medallion EarringsMetallic Crystal Medallion Earrings
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