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Custom Bride & Bridesmaid Jewelry

Thanks to Bead Euphoria brides for sharing their wedding photos!

Some brides order items directly from my website for themselves or their bridal party, and others request special orders. Here's a little "wedding album" of some of the bridal parties and their custom order Bead Euphoria Handcrafted Jewelry. I enjoy working with these brides so much in creating something beautiful and unique for their weddings. Bridal discounts are available when ordering multiple pieces of one style ... please inquire.
Custom floating pearls bridesmaid jewelry in hydrangea purple, violet  violet, and lilac
Twins Lauren and Meghan are back! Now, Lauren is the bride, and her sister is her maid of honor. In their brother's wedding, they wore golden yellow (see below), but this time they are going to the opposite side of the color wheel with a lovely violet, the color of lilacs and hydrangeas. Lauren wanted a delicate floating style of necklaces for her bridesmaids. Matching a swatch of fabric she sent, I arranged assorted shades of violet, purple, and lilac pearls and crystals on purple jewelry wire. The earrings are simple drops, and the wrap-around bracelets float pearls and crystals between sections of seed beads, finishing with a dangle at each end. Lauren's photos are taken against romantic backdrops by talented photographer, Cindy Strupp,
Custom bridesmaid jewelry in cobalt blue, sunshine yellow and daisy white
Sheri chose a vibrant cobalt blue for her bridesmaids, as well as for her shoes, which looked amazing peeking out from under her white dress. The contrasting mix of blue, yellow and white flowers emphasizes the sunshiny happiness of the day. Sheri chose the Pearl, Crystal and Stardust jewelry set for herself, and customized cobalt-turquoise jewelry sets for her bridesmaids.
Rhinestone-studded bride and bridesmaid jewelry in white, peach, coral and brown
Laura's wedding took place at Heartwood Hall near Memphis. She wore a softly styled dress, but wanted a lot of sparkle in her jewelry, so I made her a glitzy wrap-around bracelet and long, glamorous earrings of Swarovski pearls and rhinestone beads. Laura's bridesmaid dresses by David's Bridal, were truffle with a rhinestone-studded belt, so their jewelry was made with rhinestones also, along with brown, coral and peach beads to match the flowers and wedding colors. The sweet flower girl wore a tiny, but elegant bracelet of Swarovski pearls, rhinestones, and a sterling silver flower centerpiece. After receiving the jewelry, Laura wrote, "Ooommmmggggg!! I absolutely love it all!!!! The flower girl bracelet about made me cry!!!" The stunning photos are taken by Ava Grace Photography (
Custom golden yellow bridesmaid jewelry made to match their sunshine yellow dresses.
Twins Meghan and Lauren were bridesmaids for their brother's wedding, and their beautiful golden yellow dresses brought sunshine to the room! I used a photo of the dress to create their jewelry of yellow Swarovski pearls and crystals, and other faceted beads in shades of goldenrod, maize and sunflower yellow. Meghan's earrings were a cluster of tumbling pearls and crystals, while Lauren wore chandelier style, the strands suspended from a lovely matte gold chandelier base. Lauren's halter style dress didn't leave room for a necklace, but both girls completed their sets with matching bracelets.
Custom capri blue and champagne bracelet and chandelier earrings, made to math the "plume" color dress perfectly
Brenda contacted me at Bead Euphoria to ask for custom chandelier earrings and a double-strand bracelet to wear to her son's wedding. She sent me a photo of this Ann Taylor dress in the color "Plume", as well as a photo of the champagne sandals she had selected. I found amazing faceted capri blue beads and combined them with Swarovski crystals and gold metal to hand-construct these chandeliers and create a matching bracelet. The earring photos were taken both indoors and outdoors in order to give Brenda alternate views of their color, as affected by different types of light. The color turned out to be a great match to her dress.
Custom designed purple lampwork and peach pearls bridesmaid necklaces
Sarah's bridesmaids wore bluish-purple dresses and carried bouquets of peach roses. Sarah's bouquet, seen in the background, was of peach, lavender, and white roses. Their color made the perfect contrast to the cool tone of the dresses. Sarah asked that each bridesmaid have a different necklace, so I composed two of them with purple handmade lampwork beads, Swarovski pearls and crystals. The other two were of Swarovski pearls and crystals in purple, lavender, tanzanite and peach. It was a lovely day for a wedding at the Homestead Resort, on the shores of Lake Michigan! (Dresses from
Light blue pearl necklaces custom made to match the bridesmaids' chocolate brown and blue dresses
Sarah's mom, Lynn, contacted me about making jewelry for the bridesmaids who were wearing dark brown gowns with a blue sash. What she wanted was pretty straightforward ... single strands of blue pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of just two pearls. She sent me a piece of the blue fabric, which fortunately matched up really well with Swarovski light blue pearls. The adorable flower girls were wearing dark brown dresses with ivory sashes, and I made their necklaces of smaller Swarovski pearls in ivory. The pearls are just in the front, closing with ivory ribbon that ties in the back.On one of the little girls, you can see a bit of ribbon coming around to the front. I was so impressed with the photos ... the colors, especially with those blue flowers, are lovely, and the girls are all radiant.
"Sand and sea" bridesmaid bracelet and chandelier earrings in glowing orange and blue to match the Florida sunset
Monica's "Sand and Sea" wedding took place in a tropical setting on a Florida beach. The flowers in the palms against the blue sky inspired her colors of glowing oranges and blues. Her bridesmaids wore slate blue shantung dresses with light blue sashes, and they all carried orange calla lilies. For her jewelry, I mixed various shades of oranges and blues in assorted shapes of beads, pearls and crystals. Her wedding photos against sky, sand and sea turned out gorgeous!
Ginger pink crystals and freshwater pearls combined to make customized bridesmaid jewelry
Sarah's bridesmaids wore "ginger" and white lace dresses that look so fresh with her white wedding dress and pearls. She asked for assorted styles of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, so that each girl's jewelry was unique, and suited to their taste in jewelry. Some girls had necklaces; some had bracelets, and most had earrings of various lengths and complexity of design, but all made with pearls, clear crystals, coral lustre beads and coral crystals to match the ginger fabric. Their lovely photo was taken in Washington, D.C.
Custom made champagne and wine jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids ... stunning chandelier earrings and three-strand bracelet
The unique colors in Danielle's wedding came together beautifully. She was the picture of elegance in her ivory and champagne gown, and her bridesmaids glowed in burnt orange and wine. Danielle requested spectacular 3" crystal and pearl chandelier earrings, and a matching 3-strand bracelet to wear with her dress. The bridesmaids wore delicate necklaces of floating crystals in copper-orange and wine, on bronze jewelry wire.
Champagne crystals and midnight blue pearls were used for bracelets and chandelier earrings for the bride and bridesmaids.
The old-fashioned elegance of Danielle's dress called for earrings of a vintage look. She wanted chandeliers that were not too long, and did not look like typical manufactured earrings. The golden champagne hues of the pearls and crystals with gold accents matched the romantic colors of her gown. These warm candlelight colors contrasted sharply and elegantly with the deep, shimmery, midnight blue of her nine bridesmaids' dreses, which I matched with dark blue pearls and crystals. Magenta flowers capped off her color scheme. Dnnielle wrote: "I love my jewelry!!!!! It is so me and it is perfect. The earrings are light and just the right length. The set is exquisite and you did a lovely job. I am so happy that I came across your site."
Custom sunshine yellow lampwork and crystal jewelry for the bridesmaids, and pearl and crystal jewelry for the bride.
Katie had an outdoor wedding where she and her bridesmaids wore simple, cotton dresses. I made her jewelry of white Swarovski pearls and crystals, and sterling stardust beads. For her bridesmaids sunshine yellow frocks, I ordered custom lampwork beads from a glassmaker. They're clear with yellow swirls, and I mixed them with other shapes and styles of yellow beads. Not shown are the flower girls' jewelry ... white pearls with orange flowers and orange and white polka dot beads ... very cute with their little white dresses and orange sashes. Katie wrote to me during her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic to let me know that everone loved their jewelry, and that it matched perfectly!
Very specialized bridal jewelry custom-made to match the purple and moss fabric of their dresses
Lesley's silk bridesmaid dresses were purple with a gold undertone, and her mother wore a moss silk ensemble. The manufacturers' photos didn't show the true color of the fabric, but they were able to send fabric swatches for me to match up. For both designs, I used a mixture of shapes of beads and shades of color to blend in with all the depths of color in the fabric. Each bridesmaid necklace featured a different purple jade flower pendant, and the mother of the bride's necklace shone with an amazing solid silver floral pendant.
Carefully chosen beads were used to perfectly match the mother of the brides' sage green and teal dresses
Kelli commissioned jewelry for herself and her whole bridal party. These are sets for the two mothers, Lois and Deborah. Lois' jewelry is a pale aqua-sage green to match the photo of the dress Kelli sent me. I mixed several shades of these soft greens so they would blend in with her dress, using Swarovski pearls and crystals, faceted glass and Swarovski "fireball" beads. For Deborah, I matched up some Swarovski crystals and pearls with the fabric swatch, as well as a photo that showed the teal as the underlayer of the dress, with an outer layer of black and gold embroidery. To go with the black and gold of her dress, I used Swarovski black crystal rondelles with gold trim.
Deep chocolate brown and bronze beads with sterling silver, made these custom necklaces an elegant complement to the bridesmaids' dresses.
At first, Kelly wanted pink and brown in her bridesmaids' jewelry, but then decided to go with just browns and bronze, which was a great choice, because it looked so rich with the deep brown dresses. I used Swarovski crystals and pearls, with a large brown oval glass centerpiece, and lots of sterling silver accents.
The turquoise Swarovski crystals and brown satin ribbon ties were used to make jewelry perfectly-matched to the bridesmaids' dresses.
Allison's bridesmaids were wearing two-tone satin turquoise dresses with chocolate brown sashes. She sent me the fabric swatches shown, so I could match the color. The most beautiful match was made by these round Swarovski crystals with an AB finish for extra sparkle. They formed the front of the necklaces completely, but the sides and back were finished with satin brown ribbon ties. I added sterling silver ends with an extra crystal dangle attached. The highpoint of the necklaces were the sterling silver Thai flowers placed at one side. The maid of honor had a large, lily-type flower, and the bridesmaids had a slightly smaller, mum-style flower. The flowers added an amazing touch to these beautiful necklaces.
Burgundy freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals with gold accents were used to design jewelry to match the bridesmaids' dresses.
Cynde's bridesmaids wore wine gowns, and her flowers were in autumn colors. The jewelry I made for her bridesmaids kept that rich color scheme with burgundy wine freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and gold vermeil accents. Cynde wanted special bracelets for the flower girls, so these were also made with pearls and crystals, their names in gold lettered beads in the center. (Dresses from
Sage, ivory and mystic black pearls combined with sparkling rhinestones were used in this custom jewelry matching the bridesmaids' lacy black dresses.
Angie's summer wedding gown was ivory, and her bridesmaids wore dresses of black lace over ivory. The flowers for the ceremony were in multiple shades of soft greens. For the bridesmaids, I used ivory, sage, and mystic black Swarovski pearls alternated with crystal rondelles to make their elegant bracelets and earrings. For the flower girls, who also wore ivory frocks, I made little necklaces of Swarovski pearls and crystals with diamond-shaped pendants of bone, delicately cut into lacy roses. (Dress from
Big, chunky, pale pink rose quartz beads and brown satin ribbon were used in custom necklaces to match the bridesmaids' chocolate dresses.
Rhonda selected brown dresses for her bridesmaids (not the exact one shown here), and the model was wearing a necklace made of large pink stones. She asked me to copy it for her bridesmaids. I searched my sources and found these amazing rose quartz faceted slab nuggets. Each nugget is 1 1/2" to 2" long, with soft pink color, and beautiful, light-reflecting facets. In the lower photo, the gorgeous faceting and coloration inside the beads is a little more visible. I placed a small pink crystal between each nugget for flexibility, and added faceted rose quartz rondelles around the back. The necklace closes on one shoulder with brown satin ribbon to match the dresses. I used the faceted rondelles and crystals to make matching earrings on gold earwires. Upon receiving the package, Rhonda wrote: "We are very happy with the jewelry! You did a really great job and I would definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for that special piece of jewelry."
Truffle brown and rich orange beads were used in these custom necklace and bracelet sets for an autumn wedding
Colleen's bridesmaids wore rich, truffle brown dresses, and Bead Euphoria jewelry made to match both their dresses and the colorful flowers of coral, orange, red, yellow, white and green. To help me select the right colors and beads, Colleen sent a collection of flower photos, and a photo of a gown similar to what the girls would be wearing, and it all came together just right.
Custom bridesmaid jewelry of pearls, crystals and cherry quartz were made to match the dress fabric of soft coral pink chiffon.
Kimberly's bridesmaids' jewelry was made to match the photo of their dresses as well as the swatch of soft coral pink chiffon fabric she sent me. The necklaces and earrings are of a blend of hues in glass pearls, crystals, faceted cherry quartz and sterling silver. (Dress photo is from, the Bill Levkoff collection.)
Custom bridesmaid bracelets and chandelier earrings in chocolate brown and topaz beads.
For Jessica's bridesmaids, I made chandelier earrings and bracelet of assorted Swarovski crystals, pearls, and faceted glass in shades of chocolate, brown, and smoky topaz to match their chocolate gowns. Jessica e-mailed the photo of the gown, which guided me in the selection of colors for this set.
Custom wine jewelry for the bridesmaids and an adorable white pearl and wine flower bracelet for the flower girl.
Using photos Danielle sent me, I made matching sets for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls. The flower girls' set was especially fun to design, with flowers sprinkled around the bracelet in imitation of the hem of their dresses. The pieces are all made with Swarovski crystal pearls, glass pearls, faceted firepolished beads and sterling silver. (Photo of dress from
Stunning custom chandelier earrings for the bridesmaids of strawberry quartz and pink melon crystals suspended from sterling silver hearts.
Lorraine, from Ireland, needed earrings to match the bridesmaids' dresses for her sister's wedding in a color called "melon". She emailed me a photo of the dress, and I used it to create these chandelier earrings of fine sterling silver heart-shaped filigree bases, multi-shades of Swarovski crystals, faceted strawberry quartz briolettes, and bright Bali silver daisy wheels. They arrived in Ireland in less than a week, just in time for the wedding! At the time of this writing, I have one more pair available for sale on my website. (Photo of dress from
Custom cranberry jewelry for the bridesmaids included a tasseled necklace, double-strand bracelet and chandelier earrings.
In the upper corner is the finished necklace atop a photo and fabric swatch of Melinda's cranberry bridesmaid dresses. These helped me pinpoint the right colors to ensure a color match. The dresses had a deep V-neck, which was just right for the tasseled, double-strand necklaces I fashioned. The tassels are of multiple strands of tiny, faceted seed beads, glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. Light sterling filigree hearts are the base for the earrings. Double-stranded bracelets that close with a great sliding clasp were gifts for the mothers.
Mother of the bride custom jewelry included a dazzling double strand crystal necklace, and double-drop crystal earrings.
Judy modeled her mother-of-the-bride dress to help me design her jewelry. Her white chiffon top has curved rows of appliqued crystal rhinestones. The necklace I made for her accented this pattern with two strands of Swarovski crystal bicone beads with that amazing aurora borealis finish. The earrings are also double-stranded, made of sterling chain and crystal dangles.
Custom jewelry made to match the bridesmaids' espresso brown dresses was made with beads of  brown, copper, caramel and dusky rose.
Meghan's bridesmaid dresses were of the color "espresso". For their jewelry, she wanted to include the autumn colors of her wedding flowers, so I made up these bracelets and chandelier earrings with assorted shapes and textures in shades of brown, copper, caramel and dusky rose. The combination resulted in luscious, feminine adornments. (Photo of dress from the bridal section of
The bridesmaids' custom jewelry of cream pearls and champagne crystals was an elegant match to their champagne and black dresses.
To match Brittany's bridesmaids' champagne and black dresses, I made bracelets of cream glass pearls, champagne crystals and Bali sterling silver. Brittany got a set for herself, too, to wear on her honeymoon. Each of the junior bridesmaid girls had a bracelet in the same colors, with added flower blossoms and red glass pearls to match the roses used in the ceremony. Brittany's comment: "Everyone LOVED the jewelery. It looked perfect with the dresses and they were so happy that it was something they could wear often. I brought mine on the honeymoon and wore it often also. Thanks for everything!"
A custom necklace for the groom to wear at his beach wedding was made of sandy colored Botswana agate, hematite and brass.
Sal and Liz were married in Sayulita, Mexico. Sal was looking for jewelry to dress up his white wedding outfit, and this necklace and matching bracelet of Botswana agate, hematite and brass worked out just right, blending in with his clothing as well as the sandy beach they stood upon for this photo.
Pastel colors were used in this bride's custom-designed triple strand flower necklace
Debra, who loves flowers and lots of color, was getting married in a somewhat casual garden wedding She sent me a photo of her dress, and described the colors of her bouquet: soft yellow, peach and spring green. I put together this three-strand necklace, using each color in a separate strand, and featuring a white mother of pearl flower pendant. Her ears have two piercings, so I made her two sets of earrings, a triple-strand bracelet, and triple-strand anklet. The floral theme and the colors went so well with her dress and bouquet, and looked lovely in the garden setting.
Delicate lavender necklaces and earrings were made to match the bridesmaids' dresses for Mary and Ryan's wedding.
For Mary and Ryan's wedding, the bridesmaids had lavender floral chiffon frocks and shawls. Mary wanted delicate jewelry for them, so using the shawl she sent me, I created this set for each bridesmaid. They are made with lavender glass pearls and crystals, shimmery seed beads, white sterling daisy wheels and spectacular "stardust" silver beads that really sparkle. For Mary I made a bracelet and earrings of Swarovski pearls and crystals, and silver "stardust" beads.
Beautiful light lime serpentine jade gemstone necklaces were custom-made to match the bridesmaid dresses perfectly.
Lori's bridesmaids are wearing their necklaces of a serpentine jade rose pendant with two shades of faceted serpentine and sterling. She sent me one of the bridesmaid's dresses to match up the color, and I just happened to have the lovely serpentine components to make these perfectly-matched pieces. Photograph by Edward Ramirez.
Peachy pink freshwater pearls and a mother of pearl flower pendant made beautiful custom jewelry to match the bridesmaids' dresses.
Jennifer sent me a fabric swatch from her bridesmaids' dresses, and I matched it up with soft peachy-pink button pearls, matching AB crystals and a mother of pearl pendant to make these double-strand necklaces and matching earrings. The cute flower girl wore a matching bracelet and earrings for this Bahamas wedding.
Bright, tropical floral anklets custom designed to match the colorful sarongs for a barefoot wedding on the beach.

Carolyn was getting married on the beach in Jamaica. Using the photo she sent me of the bridesmaids' sarongs, I made lively, matching tropical anklets and earrings for her three barefoot bridesmaids, and a golden yellow anklet for the flower girl.
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