Pearl Necklaces
Lustrous Necklaces of Natural & Crystal Pearls

Lustrous Necklaces of Natural & Crystal Pearls

Swarovski pearls are made of crystal, not glass, and are coated with a thick nacre that gives them a durable, lustrous finish. Their colors are delectable, and when blended together, are a delight to the eyes. Several color combinations of pearl necklaces are available here, or request your own color palette. At times, natural, freshwater pearl necklaces will also be listed on this page. For questions or custom jewelry designs, write to Sandra at .
Lustrous necklace of Swarovski crystal pearls
Swarovski Crystal Pearls are the most luxurious faux pearls! They have a crystal core, covered by a heavy lustrous coating. This stunning necklace and earring set is of Night Blue pearls, and is available in the product list below. If you'd like a custom set, please consult the color chart at the bottom of the page.

Swarovski crystal pearl colors
If you'd like a custom pearl necklace of Swarovski crystal pearls, choose from these colors:
1. White 2. Cream 3. Lt. Cream Rose 4. Lt. Gray (Silver) 5. Black (Grayish-Black
6. Mystic Black 7. Platinum 8. Bronze 9. Lt. Brown 10. Deep Brown 11. Antique Brass
12. Copper 13. Dk. Green 14. Powder Green 15. Lt. Green 16. Tahitian (Dk. Teal)
17. Night Blue 18. Lt. Blue 19. Purple 20. Burgundy 21. Mauve 22. Lavender 23. Maroon
24. Bordeaux 25. Powder Pink 26. Lt. Pink 27. Peach 28. Coral 29. Dk. Gold 30. Lt. Gold
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