About Me
A Short Version of My Journey

A Short Version of My Journey

I have always loved to do artistic things, and discovering the enticing world of beads, with their myriad shapes, colors, and textures, gave me a new creative outlet, in addition to sewing and other crafts. I began public school teaching in 1987 in the beautiful town of Ashland, Oregon, home of the Shakespeare Theatre, Lithia Park, and Southern Oregon University. This is an artists' town, and I play my small part in it by creating jewelry, though I sell it primarily online. I also enjoy my family, photography, reading, my cats, birds, and chickens. I'm fascinated with all cultures and have traveled to a variety of countries, but mostly I travel to other places and to historical events through books. I studied Spanish, art and folkloric dancing in Mexico and fell in love with the warm ocean, intensely-colored bougainvillea flowers, and authentic Mexican cuisine. My glass collection started in Mexico after buying prismatic pieces that reflect light and resemble reflections of the warm, tropical water there. Beads remind me of light, water and flowers, too, and so they are a delight to use as elements of creative handiwork. I think they are more beautiful than jewels, and offer much more flexibility in the designing process. My jewelry hobby grew into a business, and I am amazed to think that my jewelry "reaches out" to people who live in far-away places around the globe. I design jewelry to please my own whims and vision, but I hope that it will bring some kind of joy or blessing to the person who buys and wears it. I really appreciate my wonderful customers who make it possible for me to continue creating.
A tropical water-blue glass collection
Tropical water-colored pieces from my glass collection
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