Charm Bracelets
Personalized Name & Charm Bracelets

Personalized Name & Charm Bracelets

NAME BRACELETS are personalized with sterling silver letter or number cubes as shown to spell out names, phrases, or dates. Letters also come in beautiful sterling hearts, ovals of silver or gold plated metal, and other shapes. Bracelets can be a single strand, or a double or triple strand with a different name on each strand. Yours can be designed like the bracelets shown here, or they can be completely different.

CHARM BRACELETS can have one or more charms to represent one's personality, interests, hobbies or life events. A few examples are shown below, but there are many, many possibilities. To arrange a custom design, contact Sandra at
Customized charm bracelet showing her favorite things
A Custom Charm Bracelet for a Girlfriend

Customize with a Personalized Charm

Customize with a Personalized Charm

A huge assortment of Sterling Silver Charms is available for Custom Jewelry or Bracelets
Examples of charms to choose from
There are hundreds of charms available representing all kinds of personal interests ... hobbies, sports, occupations, music, food, home, pets, nature, garden, religion, events, holidays, places, etc.  Let me know what you're interested in, and I'll search for the charms you want to include on your custom jewelry.

Custom Name Necklace with Sterling Letter Cubes and Colorful Crystals
Ginger Dee's Custom Name Necklace
Ginger Dee works at a hospital and school, and the colors for both organizations are blue and yellow. Ginger asked for jewelry in those colors. At top is her cute charm bracelet of Swarovski crystals in blues and yellows, with intermittent dangling crystals. The necklace below it has her name spelled out around it in oval letter beads of pewter. I added other shades of blues and greens to blend the colors harmoniously. The bottom necklace uses sterling silver cube letters, followed by three crystals, and the rest of the strand (not visible) is made of sterling silver beads. Now Ginger has a beautiful way to show her spirit and her name at work.

Baby's Name Necklace of Sterling Letter Cubes and Purple Crystals
Custom Baby or Child's Name Necklace
Theresa's gift for Lillyanne, her new little niece, is a handmade necklace featuring Lillyanne's name in sterling silver rounded cubes at front, followed by lavender and purple crystals. Here is Lillyanne, posing with her Mommy, both looking beautiful. Lillyanne's necklace is long enough that she'll be able to grow into it and wear it for some years to come.

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