Birthstone Jewelry
Birthstone Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings

Birthstone Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings

Beautiful, meaningful, and sentimental birthstone jewelry!  On this page are birthstone jewelry pieces available for sale now.  Custom pieces (necklaces, earrings, anklets, bracelets, etc.) can be made to your specifications.  Custom birthstone jewelry is unique for you, and will be different from anyone else's.  Contact Sandra at .
Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Colors Used in Custom Jewelry Designs
Birthstone Colors From Left to Right:
January: Garnet          February: Amethyst          March: Aquamarine          April: Diamond (or Crystal)
May: Emerald          June: Alexandrite (or Moonstone, Pearl)          July: Ruby          August: Peridot
eptember: Sapphire (also Lapis)          October Pink Zircon, Opal (both shown)
November: Topaz (also Citrine)          December: Blue Zircon / Topaz (also Turquoise)

Custom Family Birthstone Bracelets Made with the Birthstone Colors of Each Family Member
Custom Family Birthstone Bracelets
Ashley commissioned a set of three birthstone bracelets for three family members with birthstones to represent April, October, and November. They are distinguished by a scroll letter charm that signifies the wearer's first initial. The fourth bracelet for "C" represents the birthday of two people whose birthdays are in December and April. It's hard to see how dazzling and sparkly these bracelets of Swarovski crystal really are! There are several types of letter charms and beads available. Ashley chose this elegant dangling scroll letter style, and a heavy heart toggle for each bracelet.

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