Rosaries, Holiday Jewelry
Jewelry to Symbolize our Values

Jewelry to Symbolize our Values

Although just a few items are available here, you can make a special request!  Shown is a custom rosary based on a beach theme that Linda requested as a gift for her mother. It's made of seaglass, pearls and sea life charms, and is my favorite rosary, ever!  Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be made of stones, crystals or other beads of your choice, adding a cross or other symbol such as a Star of David, menorah, angel, prayer box, word charm (such as "Faith", "Believe", "Love", etc.).

Communion and christening bracelets can be custom made with the child's name. See also the Girls Jewelry page for Communion Bracelets.

Other important symbols are available, too, such as Cancer Ribbons, Yellow Memorial Ribbons, American Striped Ribbons or Flags. Contact Sandra at with your special request.

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