Jewelry Boxes
Recommended Storage for Your Jewelry

Recommended Storage for Your Jewelry

I don't make or sell jewelry boxes myself. This page is provided to recognize and support talented artisans of high quality, beautiful jewelry boxes and storage solutions ... the perfect match for one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry. Keep your Bead Euphoria jewelry clean and organized in a well-designed jewelry box. Protective storage of your jewelry in lined drawers and compartments helps to keep it clean, prevent tarnish, and stay beautiful.
Handmade jewelry box by Rick Reid
Handcrafted Jewelry Box by Rick Reid
Jewelry Boxes by Reid are a great gift for men and women. They are handcrafted of solid woods such as mahogany, cherry, teak, pecan and oak, and have assorted sliding drawers and different sized spaces to provide storage and protection for smaller to larger items. They come in various sizes and colors.

Donald Boudreau Handmade Jewelry Box
Exotic Jewerly Box by Donald R. Boudreau
Wood Jewerly Boxes by Boudreau are created by award winning artisan, Donald Boudreau, who designs wood boxes for jewelry, tea and valets. Each box is one of a kind, hand crafted in exotic woods and burl veneers from all over the world. Each one is finished with special oil and wax, and hand rubbed to a fine luster.

Peter Lloyd Handmade Jewelry Boxes
"Kiss" Jewellery Box by Peter Lloyd
Peter Lloyd, Fine hardwood jewellery boxes and ring boxes are available for sale on his website and by special commission. Also available are work boxes, chess boxes and christening boxes. Each piece can become a treasured heirloom or a presentation piece, all made of beautiful English hardwoods.

To help protect your jewelry, add anti-tarnish strips to your jewelry box. They absorb free radicals from the air which cause oxidation and darkening of metal. Replace the strips periodically.   Keep your best pieces in a small jewelry box with a tarnish strip in the box, but not touching the metal. This combination will give your jewelry extra protection. Available for purchase here.
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