Blue Roses Handmade Lampwork Earrings
Only $30.00

Kiwi Burst Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Lime and Capri Jeweled Leather Bracelet
Only $50.00

Carnation and Copper Crystal Weave Bracelet
Only $65.00

Onyx Frog and Rhyolite Men's Bead Necklace
Only $44.00

Geometric Crystals and Leafy Toggle Bracelet
Only $44.00

Maple Leaves on Shell Unique Handmade Earrings
Only $36.00

Golden Pyrite and Crystal Marquis Earrings
Only $28.00

Red Peace Sign Earrings
Only $15.00

Pastel Crystal Layers Bracelet & Earrings
Only $62.00

Wood Button and Blue Jasper Double-Strand Bracelet
Only $29.00

Blue Lapis and Antique Gold Rosary
Only $65.00

Green Crystal Rectangular Prism Pendant and Necklace
Only $42.00

Bronzed Olive Pearl and Lampwork Bead Necklace
Only $65.00

Emerald Crystal Vintage-Style Antiqued Brass Earrings
Only $23.50

Jade Green and Lilac Floral Cross Beaded Necklace
Only $75.00

Jade Pearl Peonies Necklace
Only $45.00

Sea Lights Fringe Bead Bracelet
Only $85.00

Mermaid's Grotto Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Cyclamens and Loam Crystal Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Brown and Green Olives Men's Bead Necklace
Only $44.00

Fuchsia Coin Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Bracelet Set
Only $78.00

White Opal Crystal & Pearl Double-Strand Bracelet
Only $70.00

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Reduced prices ... up to 50% off or more!

The handcrafted jewelry on this page has been greatly reduced... some as much as 50%. Beaded necklaces, bracelets and jewelry ... clearing them out to make way for new things!

    Description Price
1.   Coral Shell Pearl and Crystal Necklace
Item No. S279
2.   Turquoise and Amber Swirl Bracelet Set
Item No. S2070
3.   Rose Crystal, Gold Cloisonne Necklace & Bracelet
Item No. S1829
4.   Autumn Florest Floral Necklace
Item No. N4832
5.   Swirl Bead Necklace
Item No. N3304
6.   Pink Roses Collage Choker
Item No. N1164
7.   Pink Roses Ceramic Beads Handmade Necklace Set
Item No. N0254
8.   Red and Blue Ruffle Earrings
Item No. E9145
9.   Teal Shell and Pearl Earrings
Item No. E7288
10.   Fresh Mint Earrings
Item No. E7072
11.   Cherry Twigs Earrings
Item No. E6715
12.   Ruby Red Faceted Rondelle Stack Earrings
Item No. E4520
13.   Amber and Copper Globe Earrings
Item No. E315
14.   Turquoise Lampwork and Topaz Crystal Bead Bracelet
Item No. B7587
15.   Fire-Engine Red and Black Jangly Charm Bracelet
Item No. B6078
16.   Cobalt Crystal Bangle Bracelet
Item No. B2368
17.   Aqua and Blue Crystal Drops Earrings
Item No. E6057
18.   Coral Red and Turquoise Pendant Necklace
Item No. N2112
19.   Hot Pink Flying Saucer Earrings
Item No. E7418
20.   Kissed by the Sun Orange Earrings
Item No. E4377
21.   Pink Posies on Purple Bracelet
Item No. C1969
22.   Sage Picasso Crystal Rondelle Bracelet
Item No. B4587
23.   Sage Picasso Crystal Rondelle Stack Earrings
Item No. E4587
24.   Summer Brights Bracelet
Item No. B7304
25.   Summer Millefiori Bracelet & Earring Set
Item No. B0943
26.   White Pearl and Red Crystal Cluster Earrings
Item No. E2443
All prices in US Dollars


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