Holly Berry Earrings
Only $17.00

Multicolor Bracelet with Bali Silver and Cross Charm
Only $37.00

Copper and Olive Glowing Crystal Set
Only $50.00

Autumnal Stones Necklace Set
Only $70.00

Siam & Garnet, Crystal & Pearl Bracelet Set
Only $34.00

Golden Plum Faceted Glass and Lampwork Set
Only $30.00

Horn and Mookaite Handmade Necklace Set
Only $65.00

Snow White Lampwork and Opal Crystals Necklace & Earrings
Only $74.00

Aurora Borealis Crystal Moon Necklace
Only $42.00

Coral and Brown Lampwork and Crystal Necklace
Only $34.00

Draping White Crystal & Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Only $70.00

Purple Rose Lampwork Earrings
Only $24.00

Turquoise and Bronzite Necklace Set
Only $95.00

Chocolate Brown and Bronze Bead Necklace
Only $40.00

"Deirdra" Watercolors Crystal Briolette Bracelet
Only $65.00

Floral Christmas Wrap-Around Charm Bracelet
Only $65.00

Pastel Crystal Layers Bracelet & Earrings
Only $60.00

Emerald Crystal Vintage-Style Antiqued Brass Earrings
Only $26.00

Jade Green and Lilac Floral Cross Beaded Necklace
Only $65.00

Cyclamens and Loam Crystal Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Lime and Capri Jeweled Leather Bracelet
Only $50.00

Kiwi Burst Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Mini Parthenon Drop Earrings
Only $32.00

Pastel Brick Walls Earrings
Only $28.00

Blue, Green, and Red Cross Hatch Crystal Bracelet
Only $36.00

Zig Zag Bricks Contemporary Handcrafted Earrings
Only $29.00

Metallic Crystal Medallion Earrings
Only $26.00

Cherry Red, Pearly White, and Gold Crystal Medallion Earrings
Only $26.00

Gold and Coral "Bollywood" Fan Bracelet and Earrings
Only $40.00

Ruby and Pink Bollywood Fan Earrings and Bracelet
Only $40.00

"Crossing Paths" Brown Tile and Turquoise Earrings
Only $40.00

Purple, Green and Blue Criss Cross Crystal Bracelet
Only $40.00

Peacock Green and Indigo Crystal Medallion Necklace and Earrings
Only $40.00

Lavender Opal and Rhinestone Brass Earrings
Only $26.00

Frosty Blue and Champagne Gold Medallion Earrings
Only $38.00

Silver and Clear Crystal Medallion Earrings
Only $26.00

Cobalt and Turquoise Lampwork and Crystal Necklace
Only $40.00

Metallic Blue Medallion Earrings
Only $26.00

Emerald Waves Handmade Bracelet and Earrings
Only $36.00

Cobalt Blue and Yellow Floral Lampwork Necklace
Only $50.00

Lavender Daisy Bead Necklace
Only $27.00

New Customer Coupon
10% off your first order!


Reduced prices ... up to 50% off or more!

The handcrafted jewelry on this page has been greatly reduced... some as much as 50%. Beaded necklaces, bracelets and jewelry ... clearing them out to make way for new things!

    Description Price
1.   Coral Shell Pearl and Crystal Necklace
Item No. S279
2.   Rose Crystal, Gold Cloisonne Necklace & Bracelet
Item No. S1829
3.   Autumn Florest Floral Necklace
Item No. N4832
4.   Swirl Bead Necklace
Item No. N3304
5.   Ruby Red Faceted Rondelle Stack Earrings
Item No. E4520
6.   Amber and Copper Globe Earrings
Item No. E315
7.   Fire-Engine Red and Black Jangly Charm Bracelet
Item No. B6078
8.   Cobalt Crystal Bangle Bracelet
Item No. B2368
9.   Aqua and Blue Crystal Drops Earrings
Item No. E6057
10.   Coral Red and Turquoise Pendant Necklace
Item No. N2112
11.   Dark Red Apple Earrings
Item No. E9536
12.   Faceted Aqua Stack Earrings
Item No. E5851
13.   Fruity Melon Crystal Earrings
Item No. E9231
14.   Hot Pink Flying Saucer Earrings
Item No. E7418
15.   Multistone and Pearl Two-Strand Earrings
Item No. E8202
16.   Pink Posies on Purple Bracelet
Item No. C1969
17.   Sage Picasso Crystal Rondelle Stack Earrings
Item No. E4587
18.   Silver Rose and Jet Crystal Earrings
Item No. E8987
19.   Silver Rose and Pink Crystal Earrings
Item No. E8983
20.   Silver Rose and Red Crystal Earrings
Item No. E8985
21.   Summer Brights Bracelet
Item No. B7304
22.   Summer Millefiori Bracelet & Earring Set
Item No. B0943
23.   White Pearl and Red Crystal Cluster Earrings
Item No. E2443
All prices in US Dollars


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