Blue Roses Handmade Lampwork Earrings
Only $30.00

Kiwi Burst Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Lime and Capri Jeweled Leather Bracelet
Only $50.00

Carnation and Copper Crystal Weave Bracelet
Only $65.00

Onyx Frog and Rhyolite Men's Bead Necklace
Only $44.00

Geometric Crystals and Leafy Toggle Bracelet
Only $44.00

Maple Leaves on Shell Unique Handmade Earrings
Only $36.00

Golden Pyrite and Crystal Marquis Earrings
Only $28.00

Pave Disco Ball Crystal Necklace
Only $45.00

Red Peace Sign Earrings
Only $15.00

Pastel Crystal Layers Bracelet & Earrings
Only $62.00

Wood Button and Blue Jasper Double-Strand Bracelet
Only $29.00

Blue Lapis and Antique Gold Rosary
Only $65.00

Green Crystal Rectangular Prism Pendant and Necklace
Only $42.00

Bronzed Olive Pearl and Lampwork Bead Necklace
Only $65.00

Emerald Crystal Vintage-Style Antiqued Brass Earrings
Only $23.50

Jade Green and Lilac Floral Cross Beaded Necklace
Only $75.00

Jade Pearl Peonies Necklace
Only $45.00

Sea Lights Fringe Bead Bracelet
Only $85.00

Mermaid's Grotto Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Cyclamens and Loam Crystal Fringe Bracelet
Only $85.00

Brown and Green Olives Men's Bead Necklace
Only $44.00

Fuchsia Coin Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Bracelet Set
Only $78.00

White Opal Crystal & Pearl Double-Strand Bracelet
Only $70.00

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Here is a small collection of beautiful, carefully handcrafted jewelry for girls. As of February, 2009, a new law prohibits selling jewelry for children 12 years and under which contains a certain level of lead content. The beautiful Swarovski crystals we all love are leaded crystal, so I no longer use them for young girls. Metal used is usually sterling silver. Any jewelry containing crystal will be intended for girls aged 13 and older, or you may find beaded jewelry for older girls on the regular jewelry pages. If you need a custom design for your little girl's communion, for a flower girl, or as a "Mommy & Me" set, please ask! See an example of a custom order below. Contact me, Sandra, at

    Description Price
1.   Girl's Communion Bracelet
Item No. B25
2.   Girl's Pale Peach and White Opal Flower Wrap Bracelet
Item No. C0315
3.   Girl's Pink Kitty Twins Necklace
Item No. C5463
4.   Hearts and Bluebells Girl's Bracelet
Item No. C9424
5.   Hearts, Flowers and Pearls Girl's Necklace
Item No. C1297
6.   Little Girl's Coral Bead and White Flower Bracelet
Item No. C4841
7.   Purple Princess Bracelet
Item No. C1672B
8.   Purple Princess Necklace
Item No. C1672
9.   Spring Flower Charms Bracelet
Item No. B5663
10.   Sweet Blue Daisy Girl's Bracelet
Item No. C4505
11.   Turquoise Cat Necklace
Item No. C1493
All prices in US Dollars

Jolee sent a photo of her daughter's communion dress and asked me to make matching jewelry to pick up the colors of the embroidery. The dress was white, with pale lilac and green flowers around the neckline. It is not always easy finding the perfect match in beads, but I managed to find glass pearls that were very close in color! I added some white flowers, pale green crystals, and sterling silver accents and closures to complete the necklace, bracelet and earring set.


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