Mookaite Nuggets Necklace & Bracelet Set
Mookaite Nuggets Necklace & Bracelet Set
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Mookaite ... an earthy, but bright stone in reds, burgundy, purple, ochre, and ivory ... has an interesting story! It is mined only in Australia, specifically near Mooka Creek, which passes through Mooka Station, a sheep farm in Western Australia. Its name comes from an Aboriginal word meaning "running waters". Mookaite is a sedementary rock composed of the fossilized skeletons of tiny critters called "radiolaria". Like all stones, it can be polished to a shiny surface, but in this necklace, I've used mookaite in rough, freeform nuggets in the front, each enclosed in shiny sterling silver caps and separated by Swarovski burgundy crystals to bring out the purple in the stone.

The back of the necklace is made of polished, round beads of mookaite, and Swarovski crystals. It's adjustable from 17 1/2" to 18 1/2", closing with a sterling clasp and decorated extension chain. The size of the nuggets averages about 3/4" in diameter.

The bracelet omits the small round stones, and closes with a sterling silver toggle clasp. Each side of the toggle is graced with a raised leaf design. The bracelet is 8" long, but because of the size of the nuggets, it will fit a wrist measuring 6 1/4" to 7", more loosely on the smaller wrist, of course. It will be fun to look at while you're wearing it, and a great conversation piece.

Note: The bracelet shown has been sold. If you want a bracelet, I'll need to take apart the necklace to make one. Therefore, please only choose the necklace or bracelet. If choosing the bracelet, please fill in your wrist measurement in the box so I can size it for you. (Measure around the wristbone snugly with a measuring tape.)

Here is an interesting website about the mining of mookaite that you can copy and paste in your browser:

Stone Lore:

Mookaite is said to stabilize health and strengthen the immune system, to act as an emotional protector, to strengthen one in times of danger or dilemmas, and to assist in working with and communicate with animals.

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