Turquoise Nugget, Sponge Coral and Picture Jasper Men's Bead Necklace
Turquoise Nugget, Sponge Coral and Picture Jasper Men's Bead Necklace
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Soft blue Arizona turquoise nuggets, rustic red sponge coral, picture jasper cylinders and tubes, and aged brass accents make up this pretty handmade bead necklace. The turquoise nuggets are about 1/2" to 5/8" in diameter, and the beads at the back of the necklace are about 1/4" thick. The necklace is 21 1/2" long, closing with a vintage, polished brass clasp. Please don't wear in water, as this may cause the sponge coral to fade.

Stone Lore:

Turquoise has been a sacred stone in many cultures. The Native Americans believed it helped connect the mind to the Universe, and used it in rainmaking ceremonies, and to protect the wearer from danger. Every shaman used a turquoise stone. The ancient pharaohs used it as ornamentation and to protect their status and wealth. It is said to help release negative behaviors, such as self-sabotage, to foster clear, heartfelt communication, and in general to attract healing and good luck.

Coral is said to stimulate passion, and to attract love and prosperity. It is used for fertility, metabolism, thyroid, muscles, respiration, and the circulatory system.

Picture Jasper is one of many types of jasper and is said to create harmony, proportion, creative visualization, and emotional healing. It is known as a stone of gentleness, comfort, prosperity, gardening, and agriculture.

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