Picasso Bead, Golden Pyrite, Onyx and Jasper Men's Bead Necklace
Picasso Bead, Golden Pyrite, Onyx and Jasper Men's Bead Necklace
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At center of this men's necklace is a sage green Picasso jasper bead. It's set off with hexagonal golden pyrite beads, followed by black onyx, red jasper, then smaller onyx beads at back. The subtle colors accented by the shine of the golden pyrite and the silver metal disc beads give this handmade necklace a sophisticated, dressy look. It's 19 1/2" long, closing with a sterling silver clasp.

Stone Lore:

Picasso Jasper is one of many types of jasper and is known for offering protection, grounding and calming energies, and therefore helpful for anxiety and stress. It is said to support dieting, creativity, and self-discipline.

Golden Pyrite is said to enhance intelligence, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic ability. It is used as a powerful stone of protection and grounding, and to bring good fortune. Because of its golden color, pyrite is associated with the sun, and the Greeks called it a �stone which strikes fire�.

Red Jasper is said to guard against danger, to promote survival and physical energy, as well as to give one the courage to speak out and to be independent. It is also called the �stone of justice�, as it is considered to support fairness, and enhance compassion and responsibility.

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