African Opal, Turquoise and Onyx Bead Necklace
African Opal, Turquoise and Onyx Bead Necklace
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A beautiful stone necklace in summery colors ... the center bead is an African opal in creamy ivory with slate marbling. It's flanked by black onyx wheels, blue marbled turquoise, silver plated discs, green turquoise cylinders, black onyx tubes, then small round black onyx beads. There are silver plated accents all around, and the necklace closes with a silver clasp. The necklace is slender and lightweight, but makes a statement with its rich color. Note: the green and blue turquoise are coated to enhance their color. To keep your jewelry in good condition, please don't wear in water. Available in 19" or 20 1/4". Choose from the drop down menu.

Stone Lore:

African Opal, with its creamy color, is a soothing and purifying stone. As "opal" comes from the word "opalus", meaning "seeing jewel", it has been used to cure eye diseases, and to help one to have insight to "see" all possibilities when making decisions.

Onyx is said to promote personal strength and stamina, alleviate fears and worries, and to promote the health of bones, teeth, and blood.

Turquoise has been a sacred stone in many cultures. The Native Americans believed it helped connect the mind to the Universe, and used it in rainmaking ceremonies, and to protect the wearer from danger. Every shaman used a turquoise stone. The ancient pharaohs used it as ornamentation and to protect their status and wealth. It is said to help release negative behaviors, such as self-sabotage, to foster clear, heartfelt communication, and in general to attract healing and good luck.

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