Dragon Skateboard Men's Bead Necklace
Dragon Skateboard Men's Bead Necklace
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A cool necklace for the skateboarder! The 3-dimensional skateboard pendant is made of stainless steel, engraved with a Chinese dragon, and with four wheels underneath. It's 2" long by 3/4" wide, and is suspended from a stand of gray metal hexagon beads, black onyx tubes, gunmetal spacers, and small hematite beads around the back. The necklace is 20" long, closing with a silver clasp. Please don't wear while skateboarding, though! Keep the necklace and yourself safe by wearing it in non-skateboarding hours!

Stone Lore:

Onyx is said to promote personal strength and stamina, alleviate fears and worries, and to promote the health of bones, teeth, and blood.

Hematite is most often used for grounding and protection. Some use hematite in the corners of a room to provide a protective surrounding. It is also used to support logical thinking, self-confidence, and anxiety relief. Physically, it has been used to treat blood illnesses.

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