Orange Aventurine and Aragonite Handmade Men's Necklace
Orange Aventurine and Aragonite Handmade Men's Necklace
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Burnt orange aventurine beads, steel-colored metal hexagon beads, and small gunmetal discs are at the front of this men's handmade necklace. The sides are light yellow aragonite tubes and gunmetal discs, and finally at the back are smaller beads of creamy African opal. The colors are muted and subtle. The necklace is 21" long, or choose a shorter length from the drop down menu.

Stone Lore:

Red Aventurine, which often looks orange, is said to enhance creativity, imagination, and mental clarity, to bring prosperity and friendship and to lessen negativity. Physically, aventurine has been used to treat problems of circulation, blood pressure, allergies, and sleep issues.

Aragonite is said to boost self-confidence and self-worth, and to diminish anger, stress, and fatigue. It is used by some to increase concentration, self-discipline and personal growth.

African Opal, with its creamy color, is a soothing and purifying stone. As �opal� comes from the word �opalus�, meaning �seeing jewel�, it has been used to cure eye diseases, and to help one to have insight to �see� all possibilities when making decisions.

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