Obsidian and Peridot Jasper Men's Beaded Necklace
Obsidian and Peridot Jasper Men's Beaded Necklace
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This necklace has a really nice contrast of colors. In front are rounded tube beads of obsidian, which are black with a gray sheen inside, difficult to see in the photo. The peridot jasper is a soft, pea green, and following that is creamy riverstone. There are also pewter metal cubes and small gunmetal discs as accents. The necklace is slender, about 3/8" thick in the front, and 1/4" thick in the back where the smaller beads are. It closes with a sterling silver clasp. Choose 17" or 18 1/2" from the drop down menu.

Stone Lore:

Obsidian, which is made of volcanic glass, is known as a protective stone, and for the removal of negativity, for grounding, and for creating a sense of freedom. Physically, it is said to increase circulation, and to detoxify the body.

Peridot Jasper is one of many types of jasper, all of which are said to protect from negativity, stabilize emotions, and to promote good will and generosity. Shades of green jasper are considered to boost the immune system and to help with restful sleep.

Riverstone is said to accelerate positive change, especially in conjunction with other treatments, such as herbal therapy.

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