Men's Red Tiger Eye and Mother of Pearl Handmade Necklace
Men's Red Tiger Eye and Mother of Pearl Handmade Necklace
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The front section of this necklace is made of twisted red tiger eye beads, spaced with hematite and silver plated discs, ending with a hematite carved leaf at each side. These are followed by 6mm round mother of pearl shell beads in a natural color of caramel and white swirls, and with that luminous, pearly effect they are known for. The mother of pearl beads are broken up into sections with hematite / silver plate disc dividers. The necklace is 20" long, closing with a fine quality trigger clasp.

Keep your jewelry bright and new by storing it in a dry place, and not wearing it in water.

Stone Lore:

Red Tiger Eye is said to enhance vitality, integrity, practicality, and willpower, enabling one to be fully self-sufficient, and to survive in difficult situations.

Mother of Pearl is the shimmery lining of the oyster shell, and is so-called because it provides a safe place for a pearl to grow. Mother of Pearl is used to heighten intuition and imagination, produce a calming effect, and is thought to be protective of children.

Hematite is most often used for grounding and protection. Some use hematite in the corners of a room to provide a protective surrounding. It is also used to support logical thinking, self-confidence, and anxiety relief. Physically, it has been used to treat blood illnesses.

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